The Hidden Cost

A chrome extension that exposes the hidden cost of fast fashion.

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  • Fast fashion samples ideas from the catwalk and celebrity culture, turning them into garments in high street stores at breakneck speed to meet consumer demand. This has made it easier and cheaper than ever to over-purchase clothes. The downside is damaging consequences for our planet and everyone on it.


    It creates a lot of waste. Last year, Metro Vancouver residents threw out more than 44 million pounds of textiles, equivalent to the weight of 44 T-shirts per person.

  • It violates human rights. There are roughly 40 million garment workers in the world today. They are some of the world’s lowest-paid workers. Garment workers in Bangladesh make the equivalent of $0.10 CAN an hour, far below a living wage.


    A Chrome extension that when activated bars out the prices on fast fashion websites and presents highlighted human and environmental impacts.

Hidden Cost Chrome Extension
Hidden Cost Chrome Extension
Steal Her Style

These outfit breakdowns strike out the price and replace them with the highlighted human and environmental costs of the featured clothing. Instagram users would click on our bio to be taken to our landing page. Pinterest users would click the image to be redirected to our landing page.

Weeird Juice can packaging blackberry flavour
Weeird Juice can packaging blackberry flavour
Fast Fashion Misdirect

We take advantage of Instagram’s shop feature by posting ads that reveal the hidden cost of fast fashion when clicked.

Instagram hack before click
Instagram hack after click on mobile device
Guerilla Clothing Tags

We add our hidden cost tags to standard price tags on items in fast fashion stores. Our hidden cost tags have a scannable QR code that takes people to our landing page to learn more.

Instagram hack before click
Hidden Cost Chrome Extension
Hidden Cost posters